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Colorado History Click to enlarge Colorado History

Gebhard Mansion in about 1900. Click to enlarge.

Gebhard Mansion
McBird House
The LeNeve Foster Residence
The Como Roundhouse
The Depot

Otto Brantigan and St Josephs Hospital (PDF)

Otto Brantigan, Thoracic Surgeon (PDF)

Baerresen Brothers, Denver Architects (PDF)

Thomas Cathcart, Businessman (PDF)

Alexander Cazin, Denver Architect (Word)

The Chamberlains, Minning Engineers & Photographers (PDF)

William Dole, Pioneering Contractor (PDF)

Henry Dozier, Architect of the West (PDF)

Ernest LeNeve Foster, Minning Engineer (PDF)

Jerome Frank, Otto Mears Colleague (PDF)

Gallup Family, Pioneer Opticians (PDF)

Henery Gebhard, Meat Packer (PDF)

Nathan Gregg, Hydraulic Miner (PDF)

William Lang, Denver's Residential Architect (PDF)

Matthew McBird, Architect of the Midwest (PDF)

James Murdock, Denver Architect (PDF)

Lone Ranger, The Origin and Development (PDF)

Marshall Pugh, Denver Architect (PDF)

William Pursell, Early Photographer (PDF)

Arthur Howard Smith, Preserver of the Gebhard Mansion (PDF)

Fredrick Williams, Presbyterian Hospital Founder (PDF)

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